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"you can do it!"

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All Members , Moderated

We are a community STRICTLY for recording your daily exercise.

-Post your exercise routines for the day.
-Give people exercise tips.
-Be Nice.
-Stay on topic.

-Talk negatively about your body.
-Write about food.
-Post pictures unless they are of you.
-Write about your diet or eating disorders.
-Bully other members.
-Record your weight.

The reason we're so strict on weight/food talk is because of the rise in the ever popular pro-eating disorder fad. We don't want people to stress about their weight here because it potentially makes other healthy members concerned with their own weight.

***Absolutely NO spamming or posting other communities.
There are promotion communities for such things.***

Anyone can join.
If you break the rules once, you get a warning.
If you break the rules twice, you get a warning about being potentially banned.
If you break the rules a third time, you will be banned and reported.
Comments are monitored as well, so don't break the rules there either.

Remember, as always, that different people are at different fitness levels and sometimes don't have as much motivation as others. Group_ex is a place for people to come together and have virtual exercise buddies. Because in the real world, let's face it... your friends are too "busy" to go on a jog with you.
Think of us at group_ex as your motivation, your cheerleaders, or the little guy on your shoulder that says,"You can do it!"
And if you're not joining for the group and friends, then join to post only! Recording your daily exercise will make it easier for you to form the habit!

We also have a group_ex community at www.deadjournal.com for people who like to use DJ more.

Happy Sweating! :)